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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 7, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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. you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news in high definition. >> oakland mayor facing a new political fight. the big victory handed toker enemies. >> how those myth busters guys saying sorry for shooting a cannon through a bay area house. >> you wouldn't take on -- that's what i'm saying. >> everybody knows someone like this. they post on facebook their every move. the foam sin city have a message for them, stop it. good evening. >> protesters have started to reoccupy the plaza in san francisco tonight. less than 24 ours after police forced them out. >> >> reporter: for most of the night it's been a standoff, eye to eye and then police officers blinked. they executed a retreat and when they did protests moved in
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complete with tents. for some they were back where they started when police kicked them out early today. police moved quickly early today to close down and clear out the camp. >> i was just getting ready to go to bed and they yelled -- about three or 400 cops. >> reporter: they had five minutes to get their stuff together and get out. police put a liana round the plaza. the chief said negotiations have broken down. >> no returned e-mails, department heads went and looked at the site, it appeared that all communication had broken off. >> reporter: those who didn't leave were arrested, 70 in all. those who did regrouped about six came back to the camp site. police responded by circling them and then others formed a line, around the police line. >> we are in violation of -- ordinances by being here, we
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are protected by the first amendment. >> reporter: the supervisor tried to negotiate. this is a peaceful protest of leaders, i hope there can be an arrangement where they are released. >> reporter: a police officer said they could leave on the condition they would not come back. that was rejected. about nine, police broke down their line and pulled back, and the protesters remained. most of them have now left but a determined hard core remain and a lot of police are in the area. there is a sense something more may happen tonight. reporting live in san francisco. >> oakland mayor has taken a beating lately. her approval rating is through the floor. much of her staff is gone and now she has to deal with this it. >> get rid of period a need to get rid of her. she is outrageous. >> just a face of -- she ain't
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doing nothing. i don't see any progress. >> reporter: for two months the mayor has avoided or dismissed any question. can we speak to you before you leave? >> reporter: concerning her fall agriculture her falling approval and the notice to recall. 70 angry people wouldn't give up. after several weeks of rewrites and legal reviews the city clerk said our office finds that your petition for the recall of the mayor meets the form and wording requirements of election codes. >> can we talk to you? tonight the clock starts to tick on collecting signatures to put the recall on the ballot. >> we need just under 20,000 signatures. >> reporter: will that be hard or easy? >> we know they are out there and the only thing we have to do is reach those people one at a time until we get 20,000. . >> reporter: they accuse the mayor of being incompetent.
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they ask what does it mean when the police chief, city attorney, deputy mayor and even her personal council all resign with in weeks of one another. >> she really screwed that up. >> reporter: other oaklanders worried. >> i don't support recalling her. i don't know what it would do. >> without having a plan or a replacement not good. >> let the system work and stick with the person have you rather than devote resorts the city doesn't have. >> reporter: the mayor declined yet another on camera review and issued a statement reading the last thing we need is an enxpensive recall. she said that oaklanders know me as a woman of action fighting hard and delivering results. the mayor did not say how much this recall would cost and who would bank roll it. the petitioners ers have until
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may 14th to get the signatures. live in oakland. >> new study suggests that many of california's most profitable corporations paying little to nothing in state taxes. two dc based groups followed 33 california based companies from 2008 to 2010 their state tax bills during that time ranged from minus1.5% to about 8%. wells fargo bank which had the highest profits paid less than 1% of them back in state taxes intel which netted $23 billion paid no california state taxes at all. >> doctors say the child wounded in a mass shooting in oakland last month is brain dead. now they are seeking to end life support. the his family is pleading for
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more time. his mother said he is moving his hands and showing other signs of life. >> when his dad comes in the room and talks to him his blood pressure goes up. when he leaves out of the room it goes back down. that shows me he is fighting and if they give him time he will come home. >> he was shot in the head when suspected gang members opened fire in a parking lot where a music video was being shot. he is just shy of his 2nd birthday. >> tonight the cable tv show myth busters is on damage control for last night's cannon ball miss fire in dublin. the people whose house was a target say they just want their home put back together. >> reporter: myth busters got busted. >> mind if we come in? >> reporter: and tried to reassure unsettled homeowners their homes will be repaired after yesterday's miss fire.
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this is the worst thing that's happened on our watch and it won't happen again. >> reporter: this is quite a story. it's not amusing to the people who were hit. >> very angry. not happy at all. i hope this doesn't happen to anybody. >> reporter: it may take more to calm the nerves of his wife and son. . >> a lot of dust and everything. when i got up and saw there was a big hole and another hole on the other side of the wall. >> reporter: their house was the first one struck by the 30- pound cannon ball, fired from the bomb range. the cannon bypassed the safety precautions and landed on the cement going through the door and walls, leaving then hitting neighbor rooftops. nobody was hurt. >> if you had said before
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yesterday that a home made cannon could fire a cannon ball and take this direction and do what it did i would have thought you were crazy. >> reporter: the county sheriff's department has worked the myth busters show for the past eight years allows them to shoot at the dublin range. the sergeant even sometimes appears on the show but said nobody is paid. the wayward science test provoked a stream of on lookers and it's share of critics. >> they are smart but i can't imagine in residential areas we are allowing them to shoot cannons that could hear a hill a half mile, do through two walls and probably three or four internal walls, across the street, through two more rooms and into a van. that's probably not right. >> reporter: and as investigators look at the scene that's being considered. >> should it have happened, how did it happen and how to stop it or just not allow it? >> reporter: police are investigating the incident. they are treating it with the
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same protocol they would if somebody fired a gun in the hole. don't expect to see this on any episode. this is not entertainment they say. cbs5. >> other bay area headlines, san jose's police union has agreed to continue a 10% pay cut for another year and a half. that is to stop more layoffs. officers and other city workers took a pay cut earlier this year to help close a 115 million-dollar budget gap gap. even with the pay cuts 66 officers and hundreds of other workers were still laid off. no a police chase in pittsburgh ended in a violent crash involving two cars. police there aren't releasing any details but as you can see, both of these cars have severe front end damage. two were taken away in ambulances. caltrans admits it made a mistake when it repaved a portion of i-80.
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it painted an extra diamond about a hundred yards beyond the point that the lane was supposed to be a standard lane. driver says its causing back ups, the mercury news reports caltrans said the lane set up shouldn't have been changed and that crews will fix it. >> the morning after pill can't be sold to teens without a prescription. that decision by the nation's health secretary that surprised the fda today. it was about to allow that pill to be sold on drugstore shelves. why the health secretary overruled the fda. >> reporter: for five-years plan b the emergency drug has only been sold without a prescription to women 17 and older. the issue is should that be changed and the drug made available with no prescription to younger girls. when the fda looked at safety study itself said yes. it was directly offer ruled by
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the secretary of health and human services. her denial stunned many public health proponents. susan wood said women need over- the-counter access because plan b prevents getting pregnant only if taken quickly. >> having any kind of barrier meaning maybe we wait a day or a few and by then the product can't help anymore. >> reporter: what made the denial so unusual was the level of public disagreement. the secretary said she was protecting teen girls some of whom reach child bearing age at 11 and the evidence she said didn't show that those who may use the medicine can understand the warning label. fda commissioner directly contradicted that saying that the gehl girls knew it wasn't for routine use.
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at the -- they agreed the drug shouldn't be available to younger teens saying they need to know plan b side effects. >> i do believe it should be something you should consult with a health person. >> reporter: but it's approval has always been tinged with politics. though politics anti abortion rights groups argue it does stop life. the white house officials say this was not a political decision and the president has said medicine should be based on science. this is a case where the sciencist at fda were reversed by their boss. >> handcuffed at his home and taken to jail. jerry sandusky facing new charges after two more young men accuse him of abuse. >> the judge throws the book at former illinois governor the price he will pay for political corruption. >> going to vegas in keep what
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you do there quiet. why they are urging people to be discrete. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ion scandal, faces n . tonight the former penn state coach accused in a molest indication scandal faces new charges. jerry sandusky was arrested again on charges brought by two new accusers. both say they met him through a charity for at risk children. one said the former coach molested him several times in a basement bedroom. today his lawyer objected to the fact that police didn't give sandusky any notice of arrest. >> if this is the way the case is going to be handled by the other side, we can do things to kind of make it miserable to. >> ten people say sandusky abused them. he faced 50 charges. he hasn't responded to the new charges but has previously said he has never abused anyone. >> it is one of the stiffest
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penalties given down for corruption. the former illinois governor sentenced to 14 years in prison. he said for years that he was innocent of charges that included using his power to appoint someone to the president's empty senate seat in exchange for campaign cash. he apologized and said that he made terrible mistakes. the judge ignored his pleas for leniency. >> this say time to be strong, to fight through adversity, to be strong for my children, for patty and this is a time for patty and me to get home to explain to our kids what happened, what all this means and where we are going from here. >> he remains free until he reports to prison in mid- february. >> facebook has exposed a security flaw that ended up exposing the bosses private life. the company said a software
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error briefly allowed people to access the ceo's personal photographs. they were all pretty tame luckyly and the flaw has now been fixed. however facebook said other users were temporarily affected as well. those people may have ended up sharing more than they wanted to but what about all the other social media people who routinely over sharon purpose? the problem has gotten so bad even las vegas is asking for a little discretion. >> reporter: if you are taking a trip to vegas you probably have that one -- you know the type, they teeth or post on facebook your every move. the folks in sin city have a message for them, stop it. >> think before you pick up the phone and ask yourself is this maybe what they mean when they say what happens here stays here in. >> reporter: the convention and visitor's authority has
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launched an add campaign called know the code. >> what it is code? >> reporter: in a series of commercials they address the problem of over sharing on social media. they say posting photographs restaurants and shows is fine. >> that photograph of me at -- really? my mom saw that. >> what happens here stays here. >> reporter: remember the end of the movie the hangover? the characters agree to look at and delete --. >> dear lord. >> reporter: racy photographs of their bachelor party. with nearly 40 million coming every year not everybody is following the code of silence. it is likely hurting business. >> know someone who violated the code? call them out, right here on the site. it's your duty. >> reporter: in a twist you can now playfully report over sharers using the authority's facebook page. even sign an oath promising you won't tag or post anything to
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revealing while there. >> you have that one friend who over shares and now they are an --. >> you wouldn't take them to vegas is what i'm saying. >> reporter: travelers say social media has made them more careful in vegas. are you holding back because you don't want it on the internet? >> yeah of course. you don't want your face posted on something and then you try to interview for a job and there you are doing something inappropriate. i don't do anything inappropriate any way. >> reporter: there is now a new way. what happens in vegas stays on facebook keurig has over 200 varieties from 20 leading brands, including tully's. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. way to brew.
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there's a lot to get done. and safeway select appetizers help you rise to every occasion. ♪ from delectable to amazing. there are over 20 affordable safeway select appetizers ♪ to make all of your gatherings just as merry as can be. ♪ only at safeway. ingredients for life. . well it's looking better tonight around the bay area, not as cold outside. a few more clouds, it'll still be chilly. it looks like as we head in to the next couple days more moisture in the atmosphere. partly cloudy, you could see patchy ground fog and still a bit on the chilly side. 30s and 40s showing up around the bay area. winds generally staying calm as
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we head to the day tomorrow, laze hazy sun in to the afternoon. numbers up many to the 50s and 60s. still high pressure in control here. it'll stay around for the next few days, partly cloudy, spare the air day as we go to see all the -- right down on the surface. temperatures it'll be cold, just not as cold as its been. 30s in the north bay and the east bay a lot of 40s as you make your way inside the bay. the numbers looking good. 50s and 60s for highs and over the next couple days, high pressure holding on, thursday and friday and probably into saturday to. then things start to change toward sunday. more clouds start to move into the skies becoming partly cloudy into monday and tuesday, much cooler temperatures even a slight chance we could see showers though it doesn't look much yet that may open the door to more storms coming our way next week. that's a look at weather. back to you. >> thank you. can you name the four giants
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out fielders no longer with the team? we will tell you the last two to go next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today, t packing.. . four giant out fielders gone. buehrle refired, torres traded and today two more were sent packing, the gm said that resigning beltran was a long shot to start with and now it won't happen. he batted 323, seven home runs over just a couple months with the giants and the deal cost them the top pitching prospect. he said cody ross won't be back either saying he and the club couldn't agree on a new deal. nfl the raiders will need everybody when sunday when they play the undefeated packers in green bay. after laying an egg in miami on sunday jackson was asked which mental team is going to show up for the raiders? >> we lost one game. what mental team will show you up is the same one that won three games prior to that.
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that's unfair because everybody is now question what is mental team. we lost a week ago. we had a great game winning streak and nobody asked me about the mental of the team then so why ask now? >> pop warner, national semi- finals, the east bay wild cats -- bringt. hawaii didn't know what hit them. ballard taking the pitch. cutting back inside. dodges the tackler, 33 years to the house. they advance to saturday's final. cal hosting san jose state tonight. this one over early. finding crab for the dribble, shots scored, a 15-0 run in the half and never looked back. the shot 20% from the floor. keith goes for three, cal goes the other way. leading the bear was 18, cal wins 81-36.
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the sharks on top of the 42 families this season, hosted them at sharks ice and provided presents that the players paid for but didn't necessarily buy themselves. >> i have a wife who loves to shop and she does a good job. it's her job. >> and i have the wednesday night top five. number five, ovechkin, what about one on five? lugs the puck, lands on the ice, is he amazing, caps over the senators, 5-3. he is playing with them. number four, on the break up for the lay in over the butler defender. he ducked but they score over the bucket. they improve to 7-0. back to pop warner, east bay won but the hawaii team scored this, off the tip pass. look at the focus, look at the focus. two, houston, gnat lynn
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baseline. reverse, yes they still lost by 27. and number one, look at this. i'm just -- listen to this. beautiful. great goal and we will be back. ,, [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. [ beep ] hi. dave here. [ male announcer ] for dave, using citibank's online bill pay is as easy as setting up voicemail. hi, it's dave. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. hi, it's dave. i'm out of the office. [ male announcer ] online bill pay. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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